Single Sign On

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Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) is an integral part of any eCommerce solution.  Customers increasingly want to use social sign on to access sites they infrequently use so that they don’t have a proliferation of little used IDs they have to remember.  In addition, for many companies, eCommerce may be just one of the many applications customers will be granted access to such as customer service or social alerts.  These typically come from best of breed vendors rather than a single one which complicates access to these services.  SSO provides the answer allowing a company to provide a single face to the customer with a single ID.  In addition, when connecting to social, companies reduce friction for sales by making it easier for customers to buy.  Beyond eCommerce, SSO extends enterprises allowing partners and customers to access critical services that the company provides.

DoubleBlaze Consulting offers services for requirements gathering for large enterprise customers down to configuring and implementing SSO using SAML or OpenID Connect.

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